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The arrival of immigrants to the Canary Islands is a phenomenon that continues to register upward numbers. This is pointed to by the data published by the Ministry of the Interior, which indicate that until 15 August, a total of 3,448 people arrived on the coast of the islands, a record that represents an increase of 520% compared to that observed in the same period last year, when 556 immigrants who reached the archipelago by sea were counted.

The Maritime Rescue and Safety Society operates in the so-called SAR (Search and Rescue) area, assigned by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which covers a total area of about 750,000 square kilometers (one and a half times the area of Spain), especially to the south and west of the Archipelago.

This space coincides, in large part, with the so-called “Ruta Canaria” that thousands of immigrants have taken since August last year, which begins in different points of the West African coast, such as the nearest (Tarfaya, Morocco) 100 kilometers from Fuerteventura, but no one can know where it ends.

Salvamento Marítimo have been reported boat departures from Banjul (Gambia), about 850 miles away (about 1,600 kilometers).

The uptick in immigrants taking this route is already a fact: 357 people have been killed since August last year, according to data from the United Nations Organization for Migration.

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