Puerto Música

Mogan singer,Pedro Manuel Afonso closed Puerto Música to the sound of bolero.

The boleros of the moganero Pedro Manuel Afonso made an absolute crowd of spectators at the closing concert of the Festival Puerto Música, the first edition of this Mogán Town Hall event that has left a weekend full of fun activities and concerts at the nerve centers of Playa from Mogán

Sunday began 11:00 am with a network of concerts of jazz, rock, folk and instrumental performances that occupied the spaces of the Puntilla, the fishing pier, the avenue of the beach, the avenue of Marrero or the stage kiosk of the port. Another of the musical attractions of the day were the parades in charge of the 101 Brass Band. The first was adding followers through the streets of the port since its departure at the fishing pier and the second, held an hour later, it did in its journey through the avenue of the beach and the Los Marrero. The afternoon continued with more performances in which the Cuban, saxophone and violin rhythms stood out. The Councilor for Culture, Grimanesa Pérez, expressed her satisfaction with the “great acceptance and attendance of the public that this first edition of Puerto Música has had.” There has been a great influx of people from the municipality, the rest of the island and many tourists, for which we appreciate the involvement of the hotel sector by making these activities known to their guests.

Last night the Plaza de las Gañanías was the meeting point to say goodbye to Puerto Music with ‘Boleros Sinfónicos’ a show that arises from the concern of Luis Montesdeoca -direction and arrangements-, Daniel García -requinto- and Pedro Manuel Afonso -The main voice. These three professionals have joined the bolero with the sonority of a chamber symphony orchestra and the requinto, an instrument that identifies this musical genre.

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